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caution: undergoing rooted embodiment

we are ready to share what we’ve been weaving

but spinning this web is a s.l.o.w. process 

we need a web developer… and a publisher … and more: 

dark is light
book series

flow-state + dis-ease = 9 books for elizabeth to author.
these are under construction:


turning a job no one wants to do these days into a spiritual practice that can help heal the giver, the receiver + more


interactive Self Therapy Journals + Doctor Journals to easily start/maintain the foundation of embodied health

Circle Guide

every full moon I burn. every new moon I plant. when we circle, however small, magic happens

Safety in Fear

a children's book using stray illustrations from my grandmother. expand with fear, don't contract

dark is light

embodied spider librarian. healthcare webs reimagined. watch us weave. 


bionic woman. tiger yoni animal. come and roar with elizabeth. 


we are: taking responsibility. rebirthing the village. remembering what our ancestors knew. inspiring through storytelling. using curiosity to balance the heart and the spine. thinking big. trusting. following zero rules.

we don’t want to change your mind, but we will entice you to shed control/privilege/imitation culture. you’ve been warned. 

a deep remembering can teach us how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.


established 2017

we are electricity before anything else

can you think in terms of body, spirit + soul? how can you get to know each on a deeper, more connected level?

think >
breathe >
< be present
feel >
trust >
< show up
will >
love >
< negotiate

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sign up for updates on our first book launch (the self therapy journal) and invites to our fire-pit/drum circle/vocal embodiment ceremonies

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