Our Approach

About Elizabeth

For years, a path to health has been slowly unfolding for our founder, Elizabeth Brooks. Each step has led to greater and greater opportunities. The process is long and hard. Her perseverance requires an immense amount of courage and vulnerability. The journey is only just beginning.

'Stop Talking' is her favorite mantra. It's a reminder that a vast amount of wisdom lies beyond our minds. Connecting with it can heal and help soothe an otherwise frazzled world.

Our Story

Our Mission & Vision are being developed.

We are  in the process of turning Elizabeth's traumatic situation into something positive for others.

We believe: 

  • Everyone deserves to feel Unconditional Love 
  • Heart Forward living is possible
  • The future of Healthcare is empowering people to Take Charge of their own lives

Elizabeth has never worked harder. That's coming from someone who knows what it's like to work 60-80 hours a week in Pharmaceutical Advertising while pursuing a full-time Master's degree in Library & Information Science.

Through a 2 year, evolving battle with systemic root canal infections, aggrivated by a mosquito-born Asian virus & a Lyme co-infection, Elizabeth has learned how to encourage her body's own healing process. Managing Western & Holistic doctors, medications, nutrition and pain is overwhelming. That's why we're developing tools to help others manage the process. We're taking advantage of technology and information science to promote a truly holistic lifestyle.