Chronic Disease is the leading cause of worldwide mortality. Symptoms form over time and have multiple causes

In 2006, 15 Million root canal treatments were performed. Endodontic treatments are on the rise

Are the two connected? What happens when root canals go wrong?


My main diagnoses are:

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS,) Fibromyalgia, Lyme Co-Inefction, Adrenal Fatigue

This page has been created to offer more information about Swiss Medical and Dental Treatment; including Anthroposophical & Biological Medicine

  • We think Switzerland is equipped to give ME/CFS patients far superior care
  • We want to empower everyone to take charge of their own healthcare
Healing Techniques

Coping with a debilitating illness. YUCK!

Independence is taken for granted until you don't have it anymore. We want to talk about the unexpected side of being sick. It's hard, mind boggling and most of all, an art form. Skills include

  • Pain Management
    • Routine
    • Cannabis
  • Using Food as Medicine
  • Caring for the Sick at Home
    • Independence & Safety Plans
    • Weekly Tracking & Goals
    • Monthly Scheduling
    • Prescriptions & Insurance
  • Maintaining Relationships
  • Staying Positive
  • Managing Stress

Our thoughts and actions are paramount. Learning how to mentally cope with suddenly operating at a snail's pace can turn into one of life's greatest gifts

Caring for the Sick At Home Research

Learn More About Anthroposophical Medicine

Lukas Clinic

BODY . Think


SOUL . Will

Developed by Rudolf Steiner, this is an added layer to Western Medicine. Using U.S. Pharmaceuticals when necessary, there are hundreds of proven alternative remedies approved in Switzerland. The U.S. remains largely unexposed and uncovered by insurance. My weekly therapies have been pivotal but require a rough, 3 hour drive:

  • Curative Eurythmy
  • Cranial Sacral
  • General Medicine
  • Bath Nurse; Vortex Essential Oils
Learn More About Biologcal Medicine

Paracelsus Clinic Videos

I chose to spend 7 weeks and over $70k in Teufen, Switzerland because of their integrated medical and dental approach. I also had access to alternative therapies unapproved and unavailable in the U.S.

Dental Therapy PDF

Includes: PRGF, Ozone (in surgery + IV,) Bacteria Laser, Bone Graft using extracted tooth, 3D CT Jaw Scan

Medical Therapy PDF

Hyperthermia, Manual Myofacial Release, Magent Therapy

60% of patients at the Paracelsus Clinic are being treated for cancer. Almost all, regardless of diagnosis, have subclinical oral infections due to bad root canals or heavy metals, like mercury

Infographic Book Review:

"The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health"

by Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director of Paracelsus Clinic

Swiss Secret - Paracelsus Review




ME/CFS in the United States

Watch the documentary Unrest by Jennifer Brea

OMF; Stanford & Harvard created a Wikipedia just for us

Recommended Bloodwork

Root Canals in the United States

IF YOU ARE SICK, I do not think you will return to health until your root canals are removed. This is a dangerous process. If you can't make it to Switzerland, choose a U.S. dentist wisely:

IAOMT or equivalent

Biological Dentist recommended