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It’s Not Your Fault, But It Is

i often think about

who hurt you.

your sky blue eyes,

what did they see?

do you associate love with pain?

Society fed upon whatever twisted your mind

but you decided to knock me unconscious

The needs behind your feelings weren’t met but

You still did something that made my ass hurt the next day

My power stripped down with each button

11 years of safety

Washed down the drain with my blood

I want to tell that little boy it’s not his fault

But it is.

My mind can’t recall but my body does

Risen and escorted through a scene in your play

Successful in sequestering my voice

How many trophies sit on your mantle? We’re not women, we’re to be

won and hung

I saw your roommate and wonder if he got piece of this object

label, compare, demand

i don’t want to be a victim.

Shame. Conflict. Bad Girl.

i’m not strong enough to


i would be


confused & dazed

i don’t know how to process what happened

so i won’t.


It’s not my fault

But it is

My voice is back

No longer wrapped up in a world of right and wrong

-Leading to both your aggression and mine

We always have a choice

You used to be the reason

I was weak

You’re now the reason I feel so strong

Relearning and practicing how i want to

place myself in this world

It’s not only my hope

It’s yours

I forgive you. I feel


Stand beside me

Heal with me, please

The world needs you whole.

Pay attention to your


It’s mine too. we are One

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